Global pioneers of scalable coaching

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Global pioneers of scalable coaching

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Welcome to EduMed

Our comprehensive platform goes beyond just providing content, it brings together virtual reality, gamification, interactive multimedia content to make learning and knowledge sharing a unique experience.

This on top of the reference information, compliance, and training all in one place will mean that those that sign up can be assured the training will be world class and fully compliant with local regulation. We will address the issues of qualifications not being recognised globally by providing a standardised and accredited system.

The platform will also deliver unique training on patient diagnosis, communication skills, and data analytics as well as best practice, thus improving the relationship between doctors and patients.


Our founding directors at ZS Tech recognized the varying standards of medical education across countries, leading to a lack of validity in qualification transfers and a lack of post-qualification training. To address this gap, EduMed was created, providing a unique platform for healthcare workers to access training and education, improving the quality of qualified health workers and clinicians globally.

Global medical education

EduMed offers a unique platform for healthcare workers across the globe to access training and education in the medical field, bridging the gap between varying standards of qualification.

Remote training

EduMed provides a remote training approach, using virtual reality technology and streaming of content where possible, making it accessible to healthcare workers across the globe.

Comprehensive platform

EduMed’s digital online platform provides not just content, but using VR and IVR it provides a unique training environment for clinical staff. Backed up by the latest reference information, compliance, and training, making it a one-stop-shop for healthcare professionals seeking to improve their knowledge and skills.

Validity of Qualifications

EduMed addresses the issue of qualifications not being recognised globally, by providing a standardised and accredited system.

Purposeful Career


Accredited qualifications

By offering a consistent and certified framework, EduMed seeks to bridge the gap between different education systems and create a level playing field for learners from different parts of the world. 


Improved Caregiver-Patient Relationship

By providing training on patient diagnosis, data analytics, communication skills, and empathy, EduMed aims to improve the caregiver-patient relationship, resulting in better health outcomes for patients.


Sustainable difference

EduMed will lead to greater economic stability and the ability to contribute positively to their communities and society as a whole. Additionally, EduMed can help learners continuously improve their knowledge and skills, which can have a positive impact on their personal and professional lives.


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